Health eConsultation is a method of providing electronic consultation about health topics. The Health eConsultation web service provides information and articles about all topics related to health information technologies. At Health eConsultation we believe that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Especially when we are talking about your personal health information. It's the one thing in your life that will continually change, but will always be about you. Understanding how best to manage and protect your personal health information is a critical skill when participating in a modern health system. We are here to help you!

Who We Are

Health eConsultation members believe that health improvement is about patient knowledge, motivation and opportunity to act in concert with healthcare professionals to improve their condition.

Patient Empowerment

Our health systems have invested heavily in Health IT. Even better, you have access to new personal health IT resources as well, including mobile health tools, patient portals, e-prescription opportunities. Health eConsultation experts can help answer some of those difficult technical questions so that you can be on your way to better health.

Health & Fitness Devices

Being the health conscious, pro-active individual that you are, you purchase the latest, greatest Health App/Device with the conviction that this is just the extra push you need to lose those few extra pounds for changing your life! It takes time to learn how to use these cool toys effectively and we are here to help.

Health eConsultation Health IT Privacy & Security Concept

Health IT Privacy & Security

Whether its learning from Health eConsultation members on how to protect your personal health information from the latest computer or helping you better understand what HIPAA means to you and your personal health data, we've got resources to assist you along the way.

Health eConsultation Personal Health Empowerment

Better, Stronger, Faster

Our primary purpose is to build a health-e community around unbiased Health IT education so that people are able to focus on the information they need without having to navigate the vast amount of information that is available on the web.

Health Apps & Fitness Device Education

There are so many awesome new technologies out there to help us manage our health and fitness and activities! But boy, does it take a lot of time to figure out how to use them effectively and safely. Health eConsultation is here with experts in health information technology to help you better understand what all of these new personal health technologies and source of personal health information is all about and how it can assist you best.

Health eConsultation Consumer Mobile Health Apps

Health eConsultation is not paid in any way for the sites and information provided. Equally, content provided on this site is not developed by Health eConsultation, but is assimilated, tagged and linked to the original resources as a service to people seeking health information and education. Every effort is made to properly reference and promote the original source of materials provided.

It is the belief of Health eConsultation that there is no lack in available information across almost every health topic and that of greater current value are resources that help to identify and disseminate health information of quality and usability to health consumers.

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